Sunday, May 27, 2012

Be an attention seeker.

Your website may be currently earning profit and generating traffic, but we have a technique that'll boost your revenue even further.

We understand that your brand is everything to you, and it's taken a lot of dedicated planning and business development to get it to where it is. That's why we're providing an opportunity where you have full control and can monitor your earnings on a constant basis.

The way it works.
As a publisher with us, your website gets added to our intricate global network of advertisers and suppliers that target your specific industry and goals. Next, we source and place the appropriate ads on your website, earning you commission based on the number of times a visitor views an advertised banner. It's targeted marketing that works.

Sit-up straight. Focus.
And pay attention.

When it comes to online marketing, the more focus the better. Visitors can lose interest quickly if the ads on your website don't coincide with your industry – thus resulting in little added value to online consumers. Still listening?

With Banners Broker, we ensure that each ad we choose is relevant to your industry and in tune with your brand objectives. Through quality ad placements, we help you grow your traffic properly and earn higher revenue as a result.

You're Batman.
We're Robin.

While your website profits through its primary source of revenue, Banners Broker designs and implements a supplemental revenue stream for your business. Without any additional work on your part, we place designated ads on the pages of your choice that reach your target audience while earning you commission for each impression.

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